Mental Illness is on the Rise


Everyone is affected by mental illness directly or indirectly every day. The rates of mental illness are not only increasing, but are affecting younger people in greater numbers. The average age of diagnosis used to be 29 years of age, but it now is between 14 and 15.

Despite there being no one reason for the increase in mental illness, there is agreement that taking measures to maintain good mental health is the best protection against mental illness.

Play and Movement

All people need to move. Those that live sedentary lives are at an increased risk for mental illness. Try something new and fun, and see how you feel.

Food and Drink

"You are what you eat," has never been truer. Providing yourself with the proper nutrients supports brain development and immune function.


People are social by nature. In the absence of connection to others, people suffer. When people have healthy friendships, family relations or social groups, they have better mental health outcomes. Social media or electronic connections do not have as much power as person-to-person contact.


Distraction can interrupt happiness, even when that distraction is an enjoyable experience. Those people who limit their multitasking and focus on just one thing at a time tend to be much happier people.


People need to feel they are part of something and have a purpose. The greatest joy comes from being a part of something bigger than you, through volunteering, joining a group or working toward a common goal with others.

Support Your Own Mental Health and Others

Promote mental health for yourself and others at every turn. No one chooses to feel bad but we can all choose to be helpful.

Get Help

If you have any questions or concerns about mental health, please know that Physicians Plus is here to help. Call our Care Management Services Team at (608) 282-8900 or (800) 545-5015.