Cologuard an Alternative to Colonoscopies


The Wisconsin State Journal featured an article addressing the recently released United States Preventative Services Task Force Guidelines that make Cologuard a recommended colon cancer screening method based on available evidence and screening goals.

As a health insurance organization, we, Physicians Plus Insurance Corp., fully support and cover this noninvasive and cost-effective alternative to colonoscopy screening under our benefit plan. We are very supportive of efforts by organizations like Exact Sciences (manufacturer of Cologuard), who are committed to getting as many individuals as possible screened for colon cancer.

We encourage Physicians Plus members who are due for a colon cancer screening to talk to their health care providers, as we believe it is in the best interest of our members that all medical decisions remain between doctor and patient. We will continue to reach out to providers in an effort to prescribe appropriate care that provides the most value to our clients and their members. We believe Cologuard meets this goal for the majority of our members.