10 Reasons Why You Need a Primary Care Physician


Studies show that having a primary care physician will keep you healthier. One study published in the International Journal of Health Services shows that states with more primary care physicians per capita have better health.

That in itself is great, but what are some specific benefits of having a primary care physician?

Holistic Health Care

Your primary care physician focuses on holistic health care and is trained in identifying and treating a bit of everything, as well as coordinating your care.

Better Management of Chronic Diseases

Diabetes, arthritis and other chronic conditions are difficult to manage on your own. Primary care physicians can assist you in staying on top of managing your chronic conditions.

Higher Comfort Level

We can get a little uneasy discussing uncomfortable topics, but having a primary care physician ensures that each time you’re visiting the doctor, you’re building a relationship and gaining an increased level of comfort.

Health History Transparency

While you as the patient build trust and rapport with your primary care physician, your doctor is able to build a health history of you and your family, helping you understand and watch health risk factors.

Reduce Overall Health Costs

Routinely seeing your primary care physician can help save you money, according to the Journal of Health Affairs. Regular screenings, consistently talking to your doctor and having a record of your health history—all benefits of seeing a primary care physician—can lead to a reduction in health care cost.

Routine Screenings

Regular screenings help build a full health history and can often help detect symptoms before they get too bad.

Catch Health Issues Early

Your primary care physician knows your health history and your body better than anyone aside from yourself. Your primary care physician will typically be able to analyze those results better and ask the right questions.

Referrals to Specialists

If your ailment isn’t something your primary care physician can treat, he or she will be able to refer you to another doctor specializing in the area that best fits your health needs. Your doctor also will have recommendations for a specialist given that he or she is familiar with your preferences.

Decreased Hospital and ER Visits

Studies have shown that regularly visiting your primary care physician results in fewer hospitalizations and emergency visits than not utilizing primary care doctors. Ignoring symptoms and putting off a visit to the doctor’s office can lead to an emergency room visit or hospitalization, which are two costly occurrences for patients.

Improved Patient-Provider Communication

Seeing a primary care physician allows you to build trust and comfortably discuss your health care needs with your doctor and vice versa. When you and your provider develop this relationship, it leads to improved communication about any questions or concerns you have about your health. This is a vital step towards getting the care you need.
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